Death is God

Submitted by Chris Webster on Thu, 2006/12/14 - 07:08

But what is the philosophy of this generation? Not God is dead, that point was passed long ago. Perhaps it should be stated Death is God. This generation thinks – and this is its thought of thoughts – that nothing faithful, vulnerable, fragile can be durable or have any true power. Death waits for these things as a cement floor waits for a dropping light bulb. The brittle shell of glass loses its tiny vacuum with a burst, and that is that. And this is how we teach metaphysics on each other. “You think history is the history of loving hearts? You fool! Look at these millions of dead. Can you pity them, feel for them? You can nothing! There were too many. We burned them to ashes, we buried them with bulldozers. History is the history of cruelty, not love as soft men think. We have experimented with every human capacity to see which is strong and admirable and have shown that none is. There is only practicality. If the old God exists he must be a murderer. But the one true God is Death. This is how it is – without cowardly illusions.”



lr (not verified)

Fri, 2006/12/15 - 18:44

Well, he certainly hit that one on the head, didn’t he? That does appear to be, indeed, the philosophy of our generation.

What will we do without magic; miracle; mystery; connection; love; hope; inspiration? I wonder… a lot.

I’ve been thinking myself, quite a bit lately, about Post-modernism and its legacy. There’s always an extreme component to just about anything. Post-post Modernists seem to think that cold reason and logic will solve all humanity’s ills. Perhaps, they’re right… if we plan to be Vulcans. :)

Excellent post. Made me think.

Matt From Amarillo (not verified)

Mon, 2013/04/15 - 05:57

I read this and thought “Holy F! This is Good!” It’s time to Read Bellow.

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