Your Own Reality

Submitted by Chris Webster on Wed, 2006/12/13 - 06:25
Heart of Darkness

I don't like work. I'd rather laze about and think of all the fine things that can be done. I don't like work - no one does - but I like what is in the work - the chance to find yourself. Your own reality - for yourself, not for others - what no one else can ever know. They can only see the mere show, and never can tell what it really means.



fury (not verified)

Fri, 2008/07/04 - 00:28

I love your site and all the good passages/writings you post here.keep it up and try to update more regularly please:)

Matt Elm (not verified)

Thu, 2008/10/23 - 20:20

I don’t like work either…as a fellow Sys. Admin. I spend most of my time discovering ways to get the most productivity with the least amount of effort.

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